4 Habits To Better Manage Your Back Pain

If you struggle with ongoing back pain, undergoing professional treatments, such as chiropractic adjustments and massages, can really help. However, you will also want to make some changes to your at-home habits and routines in order to reduce and manage your back pain. Here are a few of those changes.

1. Sleep on your side.

Many people with back pain can benefit from sleeping on their sides in the fetal position with pillows between their knees. This position takes some pressure off your spine and hips, so your back pain should wake you up less frequently during the night. When you get better rest, your pain should be less aggravating during the day.

2. Invest in Good Chairs

If you spend much of your day sitting in a chair, as is common with office workers, make sure you have a quality, supportive chair. It should have lumbar support, which is a pillow or cushion that supports your lower back. Adjust the chair so that your face is level with your screen. This way, you won't be tilting your head up or down to see the screen, which can make your upper back pain worse and lead to stiff shoulders.

3. Take an Anti-Inflammatory Herb

Taking NSAIDs constantly is not always good for your stomach. To keep inflammation and back pain at bay, consider taking an herbal remedy that relieves inflammation instead. Turmeric is a good choice. You can purchase it in capsules or just add a sprinkle to your foods more often. Ginger is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can make a mug of ginger tea each morning simply by pouring some boiling water over sliced, fresh ginger. Keeping inflammation down will reduce pressure on your spine, alleviating back pain.

4. Stay Active

When your back hurts, you may feel like doing nothing more than laying on the couch all day, but your best option is really to stay as active as possible. This keeps your circulation going so the inflammation and pressure on your spine don't get so bad. Go for a walk, do some light gardening, or practice some yoga. If you can be active for even 20 minutes two or three times per day, you'll keep your back pain under better control.

For more tips and advice, reach out to a back pain treatment center in your area. If your back pain is serious, spending a week or two in a treatment center may be a good way to kick off your treatment protocol.

For more information on back pain management, contact your doctor.