Family Medical Care: Something For Everyone

As a parent and spouse of a busy household, it can be challenging to keep your family healthy and thriving. That is, unless you are well-trained in emergency medicine, routine medical procedures, sutures, childhood development, etc. Fortunately for those of us who are lacking in a few of those fields, there are local offices that specialize in family medical care. While many people assume that a family medical center's primary purpose is to treat cold and flu symptoms, there is so much that they can do! Here are a few things that your family medical center may offer.


Kids are so hard on their bodies. In the world today, it seems rare to have a child make it to adulthood without breaking at least one bone. X-rays to confirm bone fractures can be quite pricey for families, especially if they have to go through the emergency department of the hospital to get one. Having a doctor with an X-ray machine could greatly decrease the cost of this treatment.

Family Planning

Family planning is another service that a family doctor can usually offer. While some physicians feel that only OB/GYNs should regulate and offer family planning medications like birth control, family physicians see this as a sector of their field. This especially comes in handy when you have to take your children in to the doctor constantly. Instead of having to go to your own doctor, you can see the same physician as your child and get your medication filled. 

Skin Procedures

Family doctors really are a jack of all trades. If you or your child have oily skin, acne, moles, or even warts, your family doctor may be able to treat those problems. Many family physicians are especially handy when small moles or warts need to be removed. If you or any of your family members have large, oddly shaped, or dark-colored moles, you should get them checked out immediately. Excessive cases will likely be referred to a dermatologist. 


Ultrasounds are incredibly useful in the medical field. Like the X-ray, these machines bring to light tissues that are deep within the body. Having an ultrasound machine at your family physician's office can greatly lower the amount your family would pay if they ever needed an ultrasound. 

Eventually someone in your family is going to need at least one of these services. Instead of scrambling to find a doctor when that time comes, be prepared and find a family medical practice for your family today.

Contact a local resource to find out more about family medical care.